Seen It All

by Ben Cardilli

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Seen It All (release Feb 2012) -> This EP was recorded with the original intention of putting some floating ideas and time-tested staples of the BC live set on tape. The turn out was/is a diverse, yet seamless melodic expression that amplifies the drama of everyday life through its simplicity! Recorded independently at Road Test Studio, Additional electric guitars on tracks 2, 5, 6 by Chris See Hoye, Mastered by Paul Edwards at Houdini Wreckordings, sleeve design by Riccardo Cardilli .


released February 10, 2012

All songs written and performed by Ben Cardilli.
Additional electric guitar on tracks 2, 5 and 6 performed by Chris See Hoye.
Engineered and mixed by Ben Cardilli at Road Test Studio.
Mastered by Paul Edwards at Houdini Wreckordings.
Cover design by Rick Cardilli.



all rights reserved


Ben Cardilli Montréal, Québec

Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Ben Cardilli is a veteran to the Montreal music scene. Having played in & written for countless noteworthy groups of varying musical styles, the unique harmonic blends and existential analysis that distinguish his music & lyrics are most evident in his solo acoustic performances (or with the light accompaniment of his talented friends). ... more

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Track Name: Seen It All
Who dares an answer when the question’s gray as stone?
Does the former beat the latter? Who’s to know?

Few care to dance without a rhythm in their bones.
Does a border solve the matter and if so…

Where’s it go?

Between the enemy and us,
Between the lovers and the thieves,
Between the money and the trust,

Where’s it go?

I’m getting ready to leave this town.
It’s so upsetting to need this open end.
Although it’s hard to believe, I’m proud to look again
Until I’ve seen it all… and then.

You chose a side and set the traps around your mind.
Should the subject rise to gather, scatter slow.
Dead set and certain, close the curtain, block your eyes.
Do the lies create the ladder and if so,

Where’s it go?

To a spot above the fight
With a better point of view.
Neither side escapes the light

Where’s it go?

I’m getting ready to leave this town…
Track Name: Dear Reader
Sitting in the chips of cedar,
Trying so hard to disappear.
I just need more time, dear reader,
To expel my rising fear.

How is it that you’ve believed so long and so hard in me?
What is it that you can see? please answer this honestly.
Until you came down to earth, I thought I was losing my mind
then you reached inside.

She has felt a height in pressure.
She has seen the room move slow.
The beauty I have known escapes her sight
And with this loss she tries to grow.

You’re holding onto how I miss her
And holding onto how I know
That she has found the needed scissor
To cut through the ice and glow.

How is it that you believed… reached inside.
And grabbed the doubt from around my spine.
You pulled it out and I realigned
And so without all you’ve done I’d die.

To whom it may concern again,
An empty page to seal and send.
Not unworthy of the pen and ink,
But holding the time for you to stop and think…

How is it that we believe we’re all the protagonist?
Were given a part to read, our lines are diluted with
A small taste of the lives we lead, but never enough to
Describe how to reach inside
And pull the doubt from around our spines.
So I’ll get yours since you dug for mine.
Walk out these doors as they close behind.
Track Name: Toolbox
Dust in the atmosphere, the cool comes down
I’d take you out of here, my rules are sound

The cool comes down, the cool comes down

There’s been an accident, the fools are out
I wonder where you went, my tools are found

The cool comes down, but

My love, it rises, are you surprised as birth?
What of your prizes? can you divide their worth?

Hold on, your slipping dear, your lens is bent
Hope as you trip, you clear the cold cement

And float ahead. Let go she said.
Track Name: In Silence
Pay no mind, I’ve lined up the seconds we have.
Are there any still waiting to pass?
We’re designed to find every fork in the path.
Was it even to last the night?

It’s alright, you don’t need to give me the time
Since you always take some of it back
And I’m the kind to leave my survival to chance.
It seems I’m doing alright.

And I’d love to be there – in silence, I find it’s
So hard to breathe where we left it behind.

Leave it blank, I don’t want an answer today.
Let the feeling sit tight on your mind.
You’re to thank, but that’s not a word I can say.
So I’m biting my tongue for life.

And I’d love to be there…

So pay no mind, I’ve lined up the seconds we have.
Are there any still waiting to pass?
We’re designed to find every fork in the path.
Was it even to last the night?
And I’d love to be there – in silence, I find it’s
So hard to breathe where we’re blinded/reminded.
I’d love to be there, so quiet and hard to breathe
Where we left it behind.

Was it ever to last?
Track Name: The Shield
Driving backwards through parking lots clearing my head
Of intentions I hid and an outcome I fled.
I just can’t crack this shield you hold between
One with a spine for addiction and demons he’s shed.

You forget that I’m braver than anyone,
But if I’ve been split fro my shadow you’re battle’s as good as won.

I read my compass by cracking it open to
Finally navigate dreams that we’ve broken so far.
Freed from choking it back just to cope with the
Ruin I’m building within out of feathers and tar.

How can we tell? How will we notice?
Under your spell, Losing our focus!

You forget…

So I set up my wall… once again should it fall…

So I set up my wall and employ it to
Guard me from being drawn out of my plans.
Once again should it fall then I’m likely to
Starve for the meaning. It’s out of my hands.

You forget…
Track Name: End Scene
Lets bring it back. Lets bring it way back.
Maybe we lost track of the time.
Singing our songs, singing them all wrong,
Stuck in our “Champaign Supernova” in the sky.

But we were too loud; fell in with the wrong crowd,
The kind that always kicks you when you try.
So lets pack our things, look these jokers in the eyes and ask
Just who’s gonna miss you when you die?

Did anybody hear me?
How did we get so damn dependable that were expendable?
Reading through the end scene
To find that I still play the enemy until the credits roll.
Moving on to where lies invite.

Subtle, but strong, we travel too long
Singing our old songs of the shore.
Where we belong is out where the warm sun blinds
And I can’t see anymore.

Further we swim, feeling our bones cook.
Give me your calm look, Humor me.
This may sound grim, but I can almost see the trees and baby
Soon you will remember what it’s for.

Did anybody hear me?...
Queue the lights over every disguise.
Subtle, but bright, dare to react
While afraid to discover you’re right.
So tell me I’m right.

Woah… how did we get so?