Lucky Me.

by Ben Cardilli

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A second acoustic EP. This one written primarily over the winter of 2012/2013, inflicted by the lingering tones of human atrocities saturating global media at the time, & posted in hopes that it might highlight the great fortune facilitating its existence in the first place.


released November 1, 2013

All songs written, recorded and mixed by Ben Cardilli at Road Test Studio. Additional audio recording by Connor Seidel at Evermoor Audio. Mastered by Paul Edwards @ Houdini Wreckordings.
Piano on "Warned" & "Time That We Chase" by David Terriault.
Djembe on "Time That We Chase" by Max Cardilli
Additional vocals on "Lucky Me" as well as visual artwork
by Valentina Cean



all rights reserved


Ben Cardilli Montréal, Québec

Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Ben Cardilli is a veteran to the Montreal music scene. Having played in & written for countless noteworthy groups of varying musical styles, the unique harmonic blends and existential analysis that distinguish his music & lyrics are most evident in his solo acoustic performances (or with the light accompaniment of his talented friends). ... more

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Track Name: Warned
We're born from the ashes
with little to show
We're torn at our patches
And warm in the snow.
Conform to the static
Or settle for gold.
Where normal is manic,
We have it, we don't.

The truth is a liar
So tragic and old
Our youth is retired
No magic we're told
By fluke we acquire
A hand fit to fold
They warned there would come a day…
Track Name: Pinocchio
Wooden hands
Carrying out his plans
Going without a chance
To be real

For a Lonely man
Broken inside his chest
Trying his very best
Just to feel

wheres the appeal?
What have our bones, flesh, blood left to reveal?
Stick with your...

Honest make
Tough as a dream is to shake
Skin will just tear away
And never heal

How is this real?
How do the wars we wage look through a key hole?
How will our jealous rage
Help you to deal?

If I had
Oooooone wish for myself,
it'd be room on your shelf
To sit this one out.

Safe up here
From every mortal fear
Nothing we hold so dear
For them to steel

Easy to hide, my friend.
A life spent in fear of hurt
Leaves nothing Inside that bends.
Without this sincerely learnt,
You'll break where the wood won't mend.
Make with your one wish
Track Name: Lucky Me
Lucky me
Worrying about my plans
When they're free to make

Could it be that
Somewhere they would bind my hands
For their mistake

I'm pulling for you
Always in my prayers
And on my mind

And should I seem to
Complain its only fair
that we switch sides
From time to time

Survey says
Most of us will push our luck
And take too much

I confess
I'm well aware the world is stuck,
Still I ride the crutch

While pulling for you...

I Hold my breath and
Picture life with far far less…
Track Name: Go Fish
Closer than further from where you started
Over the border, still broken hearted
Redress the wound, you should see somebody soon
Into the water before its parted

Im Casting out a line
Waiting for a bite
To pull me from my mind
I'm Drowning in the signs

Finding a body will get you sober
Winding the party before its over
Bait for the taking, unless I miss my cue

Floating, free form
Breathless, reborn
Choking, please lord
Pull me out

Imagining familiar hands
reaching through
Shattering my final plan
For teaching you
Finally I understand
A cosmic truth - oh well
Maybe in a next life

Blacking out, but panic proof
So dim the lights
Backing down from pulling through
Release the rights
To my story free to use
And free to write - o well
Maybe for the next guy
Track Name: Time That We Chase
Time, do your worst
Or show your face
Time, lift your curse
And slow your pace

Time, reimburse
For all our waste.
Time that we chase.

Up from the earth
To be replaced
For what its worth
Filled up the space

Our time was heard
As was our case
Bitter in taste

And for a moment we were listening.
Could this be true?
Or false? or lies?
A tale from me to you?

Like a rodent on the mezzanine,
We’re forced to choose.
To run and hide
Or scale the steps and prove

Father why do you leave for your son
All this damage you’ve done
Before you die?
Cracked the sky with a shot from your gun
So convinced that you’d won
A second try.

At a mess that we couldn’t make
and a chance that we’d never take
Oh god forbid us or break our will

Still redeeming your first mistake
No more dreaming, we’re wide awake
It only hits when you’re standing still.

Time’s big reveal, Could this be real?
Only sure of our family and our lives ending happily
And that there’ll always be time to kill… (I pray there will)
Track Name: Sitting With The Blind
Carving a name in the tree beside yours.
Our life’s a stain from the sea to these floors.

Almost the same on our skin at our cores,

But it was written in the details
A fly in your design
Risen in the storm-pails
Came spilling over side
Blame the tide….

Not of this earth, if it were only the case.
Tarnished at birth, wore a sign on his face

Absent from church, out of line, out of place

But buried in the blueprint
Sitting with the blind
Worried that we’d prove it.
Terrified to try.
Spare your mind…

Here we dig for reasoning
Deeper than the soul
Fear so big it opens up and swallows us whole