Sonic Bloom

by Ben Cardilli

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A stripped down taste of songs to reappear on my full length album later this year.


released April 12, 2015

Written, performed, recorded & mixed by Ben Cardilli @ Road Test Studio. Percussion on "Could I?" by Alessandro Valiante. Artwork by Valentina Cean.



all rights reserved


Ben Cardilli Montréal, Québec

Singer-Songwriter-Musician-Producer, Ben Cardilli is a veteran to the Montreal music scene. Having played in & written for countless noteworthy groups of varying musical styles, the unique harmonic blends and existential analysis that distinguish his music & lyrics are most evident in his solo acoustic performances (or with the light accompaniment of his talented friends). ... more

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Track Name: Pebble
Slow me down, live and learn.
Not a chance I would turn
From the road that I've followed
Oh the best that I can.

Some have tried, all have failed.
Rather die than derail.
Who am I to be sprawled out
On the pavement again?

I was speeding by and
You were a pebble.
You caught my eye,
that was it - that was it
Swerved to the right then
Rolled like a barrel
But you saved my life,
Pulled me out of the ditch
Oh you did...

Half a heart, half a wheel.
So the treads, I can feel
Wearing out as I travel
Oh too far from your hand...

When I felt your hands on me
I knew instantly without a doubt.
I was just a casualty
Lying hopelessly upon the ground
Then I was found.
Track Name: Church Bells
Making plans to join our hands,
I'll build us a life & a home.
As it stands, I'm half the man
I wanted to offer and show.

Give me a chance, ill do as I'm told.
Faith in advance. If I were so bold,

Maybe I'd take a knee & swear to be
The promising future you're owed.
Naturally, you're fair with me
And say that you'll give it a go.

Nothing on earth can stand in our way,
For what it's worth, it's ours to repay.

Come what may, I'll keep you safe
Just Promise me...

You'll get to the church and borrow my name.
Sweat through the words they want us to say.
Nothing on earth can stand in our way.
We're not the first to be so afraid.
Track Name: Could I?
You’re scared I'm gonna hurt you
Would I?
Trouble and desert you
Could I?
I can prove you wrong in a second.
Listen to my song before you step in...
There's something about you, I need
And when I'm not around you, I bleed.
I can hear your voice when I'm sober.
Calling to me over and over again.

You doubt the benefit, say we've been over it
And I can't do a thing to change your mind…
And yet it's obvious, that you're still part of this,
Explosions every time our paths align.

Or am I blind...

You think I'm gonna harm you
Would I?
Dazzle and disarm you
Could I?
Told you that my song is my weapon.
Better sing along if you step in.
I’m so glad I found you, honey
Even though you won't stop running
You can build your wall even higher,
I would climb it over and over again.

I’m getting tired of this, but I won’t fold because
I know you're trying to see how far I bend.
You've got to let me in. It's getting cold and
There are wolves who want to drag me to their den...

But here I stand...

You say I ruined it, but it was perfectly
Impossible for me to be your friend.
I sat through all your shit, hoping you’d notice me,
And now I’m losing sight of who I am.

Never again.

Sorry to disturb you, baby
Nobody deserves you, maybe...